Which path to publishing is right for you?

publishing career path

Which path to publishing is right for you?

While you are working on a book, your focus is usually on the project of creating and editing a manuscript. Eventually, it will be time to think about your path to publication. Let’s explore two types of publishing: independent publishing and traditional publishing

With independent publishing, authors invest in the production, marketing, and publicity for their book. Their books are typically published using two publishing platforms offering “print-on-demand” or POD printing, which means there is no physical inventory. When a consumer buys a copy, a book is created and shipped to them. Books take about 3 months to produce from a completed manuscript. We recommend starting this process 6-9 months before the publication date to allow for promotion and marketing.

Independent publishing with Books Fluent offers production services. Our services include editing, cover design, interior design, and publication on Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark. Our authors retain all rights and royalties for their books.

With traditional publishing, a publisher purchases the right to publish a book. Authors receive an advance at the outset, sometimes before the book is complete. The publisher then edits and completes production for the book. Publishers also provide some marketing and sales support. Most traditionally published books are printed in bulk, and the publisher manages sales fulfillment. Authors share royalties with their publishers.

To receive a publishing contract, most authors either sign on with a literary agent or solicit an editor at a publisher. It helps to have a query letter that presents your book in the best light in both cases.

Interested in the query letter process? We have experts on staff that can help guide you.

Promotion and marketing
In both cases, it’s common for authors to invest their funds into publicity and marketing. Our partners at Books Forward are experts in supporting traditionally published and independent titles with targeted media outreach and digital marketing.

Royalties and Indie publishing
Many independently published books are available through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. You can use the Royalty Calculator from Kindle Direct Publishing to calculate how much a given book would cost to print and how much royalty you’d receive as an author. Amazon Royalty, in this calculator, refers to the amount an author would receive.

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