Books are our language, and we want to help you become fluent in this industry.

The book publishing business is complex and competitive. Whether you are a first-time author looking to jumpstart a professional literary career, or a traditionally published author who has decided to take the leap into indie publishing, we will coach you through the unique realities of this industry and take your author career to the next level.

So you want to become your own publisher?

If you’re looking to publish independently, we want your book to look as sharp as any bestseller or bookstore favorite. We provide excellent editorial, design, system management and digital optimization services, so your book has the chance to excel like those released by major publishing houses.

It is possible for your book to be professionally produced and supported, while you maintain creative control and the rights to your work. Ensuring your book meets industry standards is crucial for reaching readers, as well as for an effective publicity and digital marketing campaign. We’ll give your book its best opportunity to succeed.

Our Services


Our book editors come from major publishers, so you can rest easy knowing they have the experience to polish your manuscript.


Fact: your book will be judged by its cover. Let us make it stand out! After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Production & Distribution

You’ve written your story. Books Fluent can turn it into a book (and ebook!). And, we’ll make your work readily available to readers and booksellers to purchase.

“The good people at Books Fluent have done for my latest novel, A Matter of Time, what I was unable to do for my previous self-published books – make them rise above the crowd. How? By knowing what I didn’t know, and couldn’t know, about the fast-changing world of independent publishing. Quality counts, and they ensured it at every step of the process — copy editing, design, formatting, distribution . . . it is a long list, and they checked every box for me.”

Ed Davis, author of multiple novels

Are you ready to turn your manuscript into a book?