Books Fluent - The ‘Booksmiths’ that independent wordsmiths have been looking for.

The good people at Books Fluent have done for my latest novel, A Matter of Time, what I was unable to do for my previous self-published books — make them rise above the crowd. How? By knowing what I didn’t know, and couldn’t know, about the fast-changing world of independent publishing. Quality counts, and they ensured it at every step of the process — copy editing, design, formatting, distribution…It is a long list, and they checked every box for me. I did the wordsmithing. They did the booksmithing!

Ed Davis
Author of A Matter of Time, In All Things, Road Stories and other forthcoming novels


I’m thoroughly impressed with the Books Fluent team. They have not only shown professionalism and dedication to their work, they are up-to-date with the shifting industry standards.

Michelle DesPres
Author of Intuitively You


Wow! I can’t believe this day is finally here. All the months of work have finally led us here, and I couldn’t be happier. Words cannot express my level of appreciation to you and the teams at Books Forward and Books Fluent in all your efforts in editing, designing, and marketing my books. I have zero regrets embarking on this endeavor with all of you as it’s been nothing but fun and a great learning experience. I am happy to see all the positive feedback received so far from reviewers. This is my best birthday day ever!

Robert Stadnik
Author of Exodus of the Phoenix


Books Fluent did an excellent job with editing, design, audio book and publishing services. Highly competent team and highly recommended.

Brian Lebeau
Author of A Disturbing Nature


I cannot be effusive enough about the Books Fluent team. As a first time self publisher, I found myself in over my head. The Books Fluent team was professional, responsive, efficient and kind.

John J. Farmer
Author of Way Too Fast, An American Reckoning: The Life and Music of Danny DeGennaro and The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11

Adrian Spratt

It’s just one more sign of the style I’ve come to expect from Books Forward and Books Fluent. I was going to say that unlike other experiences, my satisfaction hasn’t gone downhill since then, but that would imply it’s been an uphill slog. So I’ll just say that working with all your people has been a great and rewarding experience for me.

Adrian Spratt
Author of Caroline


They are super responsive and offer really great publishing advice.

D.E. Night
Author of the best-selling middle grade fantasy books The Croswald Series


A superior choice to assist me in the publication of my little book … invaluable help throughout the process of bringing my dream to reality.

Elizabeth Kirby
Author of Bound, But Unshackled

Melanie Chartoff Author Photo

As a first time author, I found Books Fluent the ideal empowering and educating publishing entity for a talented but tech-challenged novice like me. They eased what might have been a pretty stressful book birth with her acumen and calm. I highly recommend Books Fluent to authors at all levels of experience.

Melanie Chartoff
Author of Odd Woman Out


Dwarf Story has been a pleasure to publish ONLY because of the efforts of Books Fluent and their patience with the complexity of bringing forth a lengthy fantasy novel for young adults while dealing with first-time authors. They knew nothing at the start and learned at a snail’s pace. The collaboration, support, encouragement, knowledge, and well-timed nods and winks received from the Books Fluent team—from the conception of the overall publishing and content, through the beautiful cover and production, and into publicity and marketing – was indispensable and even, luckily, also enjoyable.

GGD Marplot
Dwarf Story


Turning the manuscript into a circulated book would not have been possible without Books Fluent. Without you, I would have wandered aimlessly, never reaching the finish line.

Dale Griffin
Author of The Last Lion of Karkov


It has been a pleasure for me working with you and your team. Thanks to all of your team for making this process so straightforward, in a good way.

Steve Lee
Author of The Arranged Inner Marriage

Author Photo_Seth Mullins

I’m so deeply involved with my work that it’s always been difficult for me to stand back and look at it objectively. The folks at Books Fluent did that for me. This was my first experience having a staff of knowledgeable people helping me to articulate my message in a commercially viable way. I’m so grateful for the experience.

Seth T. Mullins
Author of The Authors of this Dream


You are excellent at what you do. Thank you for your patience, great explanations and being so proactive with your communication.

Kristine Ochu
Author of Campfire Confessions


I so enjoy working with Hannah and Jana. They have been great collaborators on this project. I learn something from them every time we chat. Books Fluent is a team of rockstars.

T.M. Stapleton
Author of the forthcoming Runaway Kane series


I’ve really enjoyed working with your group and learned a lot.

David Sklar
Author of Atlas of Men


The cover looks incredible. Actively crying here. Love it. So awesome.

Sarah C. Patten
Author of The Measure of Gold


Books Fluent did an excellent job. They were always prompt, accurate and pleasant (fun actually!) to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone.

Wayne Christensen
Author of Letters from Lieper’s Fork


Working with y’all was super easy and great! Books Fluent prepped me for what to expect, everything was well planned and thought out. It was great, and I’ll definitely work with y’all again!

D. Hale Rambo
Author of Tools of a Thief

AnnetteBerkovits (1)

Great working with your team! Thank you, my partners in publishing.

Annette Berkovits
Author of Erythra Thalassa


I had a wonderful experience because of Books Fluent’s professionalism and expertise. The process was clear, and I had enough time to respond to anything.

Kimberly Hess
Author of A Lesser Mortal


I’ve been blessed to be associated with some classy folks in my 80 years, but none more so than my Books Fluent and Books Forward team. Never made a better investment! People love playing on a winning team. I definitely found one!

Alfred Nicols
Author of Lost Love’s Return

Cathy A. Lewis Headshot 2

Books Fluent did crucial work that helped strengthen my story. I am so grateful for their insight and help. They made a huge contribution to my work. I plan on using Books Fluent for my next novel. My only lament is I wish I’d found this resource sooner, like three years ago! : )

Cathy A. Lewis
Author of The Road We Took

Author Photo_Tessa Bridal

My experience with Books Fluent surpassed all my expectations. Hannah was extraordinary. She responded promptly to all my questions, provided all the information necessary for me to make decisions, encouraged me and guided me through the whole process. She was working not only with me, as the author, but with my publisher – a new, small press – so she had her work cut out for her! We all agreed that we could think of no one we would have trusted more. The final product was everything we could have hoped for, meticulously proofread, and with a cover that has received rave reviews from everyone who has seen it.

Tessa Bridal
Author of The Dark Side of Memory: Uruguay’s Disappeared Children and the Families Who Never Stopped Searching