Books Fluent - The ‘Booksmiths’ that independent wordsmiths have been looking for.

The good people at Books Fluent have done for my latest novel, A Matter of Time, what I was unable to do for my previous self-published books — make them rise above the crowd. How? By knowing what I didn’t know, and couldn’t know, about the fast-changing world of independent publishing. Quality counts, and they ensured it at every step of the process — copy editing, design, formatting, distribution…It is a long list, and they checked every box for me. I did the wordsmithing. They did the booksmithing!

Ed Davis
Author of A Matter of Time, In All Things, Road Stories and other forthcoming novels


I’m thoroughly impressed with the Books Fluent team. They have not only shown professionalism and dedication to their work, they are up-to-date with the shifting industry standards.

Michelle DesPres
Author of Intuitively You


A superior choice to assist me in the publication of my little book … invaluable help throughout the process of bringing my dream to reality.

Elizabeth Kirby
Author of Bound, But Unshackled


I’ve really enjoyed working with your group and learned a lot.

David Sklar
Author of Atlas of Men


They are super responsive and offer really great publishing advice.

D.E. Night
Author of the best-selling middle grade fantasy books The Croswald Series