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Our experienced book editors can provide you with thorough developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading services. Your developmental editor will work collaboratively with you on enhancing your book’s overall structure and voice. Your copy editor will tackle the punctuation, grammar and all the details that make a book smooth as butter to read. Your proofreader is your catch-all source for any final misspelled, missing or repeated words, etc. and will polish off the manuscript so that it’s shining and ready for interior layout and publication. You have final approval of all edits, with our recommendations for industry standards.

Developmental Edit
A developmental edit pairs your manuscript with a professional editor for an in-depth review. You’ll receive a letter outlining suggestions and ideas to bring out the best in your work.

Line & Copy Edit
Our most common type of editing is an editorial review of every sentence in your manuscript, providing corrections to grammar, spelling and style.

Our proofread editors offer a review of grammar, spelling and typographic corrections, including common word usage and punctuation errors. This final step of editing ensures the professional quality of all the books we publish and saves on expensive edits and delays later in the publication process.



The exterior and interior of your book must be visually striking, memorable and current. While many authors have a vision for their book cover, a professional book designer who has worked for traditional publishing houses and won awards will get the cover up to the industry standards readers expect and are used to seeing.

Cover design
There’s much more to cover design than choosing an interesting image. With Books Fluent, your cover will utilize the latest design trends for both the book industry and your genre. Our expert designers have worked for major publishing houses and can create powerful, appealing books that stand out both online and on the shelf.

Interior formatting
Our interior formatting service provides everything needed for print or digital publication, including the page layout and the formatting of chapter headings, pagination, and front and back matter.

Advanced Reader cover
Perfect for authors engaging in publicity or marketing pre-publication, our Advanced Reader program creates a custom promotional back cover for your book.

Ebook formatting
Our team provides professional conversion of your manuscript into e-reader-friendly files (Epub and Mobi) for publication.


Indie Publishing

Set your work apart with your own team of industry professionals who will help you create, publish and distribute your book. We make it easy to independently publish a high-quality book that equals or exceeds industry standards. We set up your distribution accounts on IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing, apply for an ISBN, secure your copyright and manage the printing process from Advanced Readers Copies (ARCs) to the final, beautifully-finished product. We do the heavy lifting for you, so your self-publishing journey can be stress-free, successful and fun.


Audiobook Production and Distribution

Get your book in front of a booming audience of literary listeners with our professionally narrated and expertly mastered audiobook production. We’ll set up your distribution accounts (ACX and Findaway) and ensure your audiobook is ready to be enjoyed by listeners on the most popular platforms (Audible, Amazon, iTunes and more). We will optimize your audiobook online by completing your Audible profile with proper formatting and persuasive copy, ensuring the audiobook is correctly linked via Amazon with genre and keywords selected for maximum searchability, and syncing your audiobook with your Goodreads profile. In no time, your book will be playing on the big screen between readers’ ears.

Other services:

Cover Copy / Synopsis Development
Amazon Marketing Optimization
Amazon Author Profile Management
Manuscript Evaluations

The support I received was crucial for my book roll-out and subsequent launch. There was so much I didn’t know or understand about the whole process. Books Fluent and Books Forward guided me expertly and successfully through every aspect of my journey leading to my book launch. I couldn’t have done this without them nor would I want to do this without their help!

Cathy A. Lewis, author of The Road We Took

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