Audiobook Production and Distribution

audiobook production services

Audiobook Production and Distribution

Books Fluent has recently launched a full-service audiobook production and distribution program. We help authors release professionally narrated, expertly engineered and mastered audiobooks,

Books Fluent produces award-winning, globally recognized, SAG AFTRA affiliated audiobooks. Our new services includes a roster of 90 professional narrators with performance backgrounds in theatre, television, movies, and audiobooks. We have an extensive selection of voice talent for any age, gender, accent, or tone. Distribution and sales channels include Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and retailers worldwide.

“Audiobooks are trending up with 20% of U.S. adults reporting having read an audiobook in 2019. I’m thrilled to help authors of all types access this exciting growth area, reach new readers, and expand the market for their books.

—Books Fluent publishing director Stephanie Koehler.

Our audio division ensures that every audiobook narrator uses an Audible-approved recording studio. And our sound engineers perform technical corrections and expert mastering. The team can also add music, enhance the narration with cinematic elements, or feature multiple narrators. Audiobook promotional services are also available. We can create announcement videos, narrated teasers, and author interviews.

Interested in Audiobooks? Get started with a free consultation with Books Fluent.

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