Sell more books with Amazon Optimization

amazon keyword optimization

Sell more books with Amazon Optimization

Over the last decade, self publishing tools have opened up the book industry for thousands of independent authors particularly on the online marketplace, Amazon. For many readers, Amazon and Kindle are valuable sources for book recommendations and a convenient place to purchase paperbacks, audiobooks and ebooks. At Books Fluent, we support independent authors with two helpful tools that prepare your book to succeed in the book market.

Amazon Audit

As an author, your Amazon product page is an essential component of your sale and marketing plan. Books Fluent offers a FREE Amazon Audit for any title for sale on Amazon. This expert review ranks product pages on Desirability and Discoverability with a review of the following:

  • Categories
  • Keywords
  • Book Description
  • Reviews
  • Author Profile

To get your free Amazon Audit, sign up here.

Amazon Optimization

It’s critical that your Amazon page is optimized in order to give your book its best shot at driving sales, ranking high in search results, enhancing your brand, and being readily visible to readers. Optimization upgrades individual book listings and author profiles to generate more sales by improving search visibility, click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR).
Books Forward will also optimize your Amazon Book page by:

  • Researching and identifying keywords that would increase and maximize your book’s visibility on Amazon
  • Editing your book description copy so that it is strong and persuasive from a sales perspective (all edits will be subject to your approval)
  • Auditing your genre categorization to improve your searchability and connection with your true target audience

Amazon Optimization is available to any author published using Kindle Direct Publishing with access to their KDP account. Interested in getting the most from your Amazon product page? Sign up here.

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