Lana Allen

Executive Administrator

“With a word or an expression, Lana has changed my perspective so many times. Suddenly bad became good, good became better. Her hard working character, enthusiasm and sincerity are the greatest support. Happiness of reaching what you dreamed of is the conclusion once you have such a caring and professional person like Lana by your side.” – Ania, author of The Balance of the 12

Lana keeps our internal administrative tasks running smoothly, managing our invoicing, handling client queries, and helping authors get connected with the Books Fluent services that will benefit them most. She works side-by-side with Publishing Director Stephanie Koehler and President Marissa DeCuir, welcoming new authors to the Books Fluent family, and helping our executive team develop new systems so we can create the best possible experience for our clients.

Originally from the Ozarks, Lana made her way to the Big Easy after receiving her Master’s degree in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. She loves literature because books help readers find common ground and truly empathize with the experiences of others.

Astute and broad-minded, Lana has a multi-faceted understanding of the tasks, challenges, and new opportunities our industry faces each day. She offers fresh perspectives and valuable insight to our team and our authors.